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Vintage Box Score


Harvest Date: 10/17/2010 - 10/22/2010

Sugar at Harvest: 22.4 - 23.1 degrees brix

Varietal: Pinot Noir Clones Dijon 777 (70 %), Pommard (20%), Dijon 115 (10%)

Production: 190 Cases

Final pH: 3.65

Final Alcohol: 12.1% by vol

Winemaking Notes: 5 day pre fermentation cold soak, 12 to 15 days of primary fermentation, lightly pressed

Aging: 10 months all French Oak barrels, 23% new, 13% 1-yr old, and 64% neutral

The Division Pinot Noir “Un,” meaning “one” in French, is our entrant red from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. We’ve attempted to craft this 8 barrel blend to be approachable, elegant, and versatile for many food situations or just as a solid medium bodied red to relax to that will leave you without a desire to severe your head the next morning (12% Alcohol!).


2010 brought the kind of weather that should enchant true “Pinotphiles” like us, with a long cool growing season that brought the coveted physiological and phenolic ripeness without high sugar and low acidity. In others words, it was an awesome year for us to get the ball rolling in the Pinot market!

The backbone of this supple young’un was 2 tons of beautiful and clean (this is important!) clone Dijon 777 Pinot Noir from the Cherry Grove Vineyard near Gaston, OR. Owners Bob & Irene van Steenberg are amazing and very detailed caretakers of the land. We feel very fortunate to source from this vineyard that also hosts many of the great brands from Oregon.

The Dijon 115 clone and Pommard for our cuvee “Un” came from the opposite end of valley- Eola-Springs Vineyard near Salem. The Pommard we source from them are self rooted 30 year old vines and the 115 for this vintage were baby vines in their first fruiting year. This vineyard has been held by the same family since the 70s, and we’re so happy to be able to work with them and their stellar fruit.


This cuvee has instant plum and rose petal aromatics with a bit of cocoa nibs and light oak. As it is so young, we tasted it over the course of an hour, allowing the bottle to stay open and evolve- the longer it stayed open, the more the plum really took off!

The wine’s flavors progress as well as it opened, with building characters of cranberry, married with orange zest and crushed plums as the dominant fruit factors.

Our favorite part of this wine is its vertical strength and highly ethereal mouth feel. We didn’t want a super tannic or overly bright wine for the entry offering and we believe this was achieved. We are very impressed with the softness at an early age that wasn’t achieved through sacrificing acidity or having to use heavy amounts of oak.

If you have the time and equipment, we would suggest decanting or opening for 15-20 mins before enjoying as it is still a young babe!